Laura Hubbert

Laura and her husband, Chuck began attending Waypoint Free Methodist church when they first moved into the area in 1989. She wanted to be involved in the church, and was so pleased when she was asked to teach an Elementary Sunday School Class. She said she would pray about it and then told the Lord that she would be willing to take any class except Preschool. Of course, that was exactly what she was asked to teach, and loved it for the next 11 years. Laura started working in the office permanently in 2001 when Judy Pratt retired. She says it has been her privilege and pleasure to work for Waypoint Free Methodist Church.

Chuck and Laura have three children, Andy, Debbie and Tom who grew up in the church. ¬†Andy, his wife Monica and their daughter Lucy live in Buffalo, New York; Debbie and her beautiful daughter, Tierza Joy, live with Chuck and Laura, Debbie works in Holly; Tom is a lawyer in Cass County, Michigan. ¬†Laura’s husband Chuck, works at a mortgage company as Director of the IT department.

Stop by and ask to see pictures of Laura’s granddaughters, TJ and Lucy, or give her a minute and she will tell you all about them!

As much as Laura loves her family or even coffee, she genuinely loves to help people, and is thankful for the ministry that she has here!