Small Groups Coordinator - Mavis Sturgis

Mavis’ role at Waypoint FM Church, is Small Groups and Connections Coordinator.  This has been her passion for a number of years, so she feels right at home in this position.  We have many wonderful people attending our Church who would love to get connected with others, learn more about what it means to be a Christian or grow in their relationship with God.  God has laid this desire on Mavis’ heart, to help serve God in this way.

Mavis grew up in a parsonage family, accepted Christ at an early age, and has always been involved in Church Ministry – even though there were some ups and downs in her Christian walk.  She went to Greenville College in S. Illinois, where she majored in Music Education  and minored in Psychology and Education.  Her graduate work was in Early Childhood, in reading and Language Arts.  She taught Elementary grades in the Waterford School District for 23 years, and gave many piano lessons when she wasn’t teaching grade school.  She and her husband, Bob, raised three children who were very active in our Church.  They got married and gave Bob and Mavis 6 grandchildren!

Mavis has many interests, so consequently, always keeps busy!  She loves the outdoors – a walk in the woods, a boat ride on a scenic lake, picking apples, traveling, having lunch with a friend, baking, entertaining, reading a book and playing table games.  Music, baking, gaming, etc. always need a creative touch – enjoys making changes & doing things in a creative way!  She loves doing things with her grandchildren, and feels so thankful for each of them.

The vision and direction of our Church is “right on” – reaching out to our Community and our World, in Christ’s name, with an end goal of bringing others into a close relationship with God. Mavis feels like it is really a privilege to honor God in this way.  She tries to be sensitive to the needs & desires of various groups of people, no matter their age, background, or place in life, and has endeavored to be an encouragement to them and help them feel a part of our Church family.

One of my “goal” verses is:  Colossians 3:17  I will live this day in all that I do or say, as a representative of Jesus Christ.”     

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