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Our Heritage


Waypoint is proud to be part of the Free Methodist Church.  The Free Methodist Church began August 23, 1860, in Pekin, New York.  The church was founded on some basic beliefs: Freedom from Slavery (Early leaders were active in the fight against slavery), freedom for any person of any ethnic group or economic class to worship freely in any of our churches--(no renting of pews for the wealthy), and freedom to minister to the poor--especially women and children.


The early Free Methodist Church was known for its "radical optimism".  The theology of the early Free Methodists believed that the Holy Spirit could radically transform our hearts to love Jesus Christ, serve others, and be free from a lifestyles centered upon the values of our world.  The early Free Methodists believed we could be free to live a lifestyle centered on the values of Scripture.


Today, we are still "radical optimists," we believe the Holy Spirit continues to radically transform our lives--we believe the Holy Spirit can help us escape a self-centered culture.  We believe as the Holy Spirit transforms us, we begin to be the hands and feet of Jesus to others--we call that process "discipleship".  Discipleship is being like the one we follow--Jesus Christ.   We still stand strong against modern issues of slavery.  Today slavery has different forms.  Economic slavery, which we fight globally with fair trade initiatives; we stand against sexual slavery that is spreading world-wide, and we continue to have a special ministry to women and children around the world through International Childcare Ministries.  We also partner and support creation care initiatives.


Please read more about our denomination and partnerships at www.fmcusa.org


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