Visit Waypoint

Our Mission is very important to us.  Waypoint's Mission is that we CONNECT with People, we SERVE them where they are, and we GIVE HOPE through Jesus.  

Here's some quick things we'd like for you to know about us:
-We want to greet you with warm welcome and a smile 
-Our services last about an hour
-We are a multi-generational church, and value connections across age groups
-You do not need to dress up for service
-We have wonderful programming for kids & teens as well as many options across all ages of adults.  
-We love our community and we love serving in it
-We have wonderful international partners that we regularly visit.  We often receive our friends from overseas as guests at Waypoint.  We consider this a cooperative way of doing "Missions"

There's so much more and we'd love to have one of our pastors connect with you over email if you'd like to know more options for connecting.  If so, please email or email one of our pastors directly.